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A Revolutionary Winter Traction Product

Earth Innovations is proud to present EcoTraction TM, the world's safest and most effective traction agent to prevent winter slips and falls on icy surfaces. EcoTraction doesn't melt, corrode,rust or stain like salt or ice melters.

Eliminates and Controls Odor, Moisture and Mildew Naturally!

Earth Innovations is proud to present EcoAirO TM. An all natural, non toxic aid in removing odors caused by unpleasant gases. A 100% natural and chemical free way to absorb a multitude of environmental contaminants and many types of gases, moisture, organic and chemical compounds.

The Natural Compost Aid We Have All Been Waiting For

From Earth Innovations, creators of EcoTraction, comes a new all-natural green product. EcoCompo is an innovative composting aid that both facilitates the composting process and also enhances the quality of the end product: nutrient-rich soil.
  A Trilogy of Green Products Friendly to Mother Nature...  

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